Minimum Content Length To Avoid SEO Penalties

seo resultIn designing a website post Panda , combine the design and user experience . Each page of the site must be accessible by an easy and logical navigation. Google Panda penalizes low-quality content so each page must contain a minimum of 150 words , 300 is a piece of friendly advice ( this article includes more than 1750 words). Pages of low quality may penalize the site as a whole , better worth remove or improve them. Design and graphics must be clear (avoid excessive ads , text truncated with a link to “read more ” etc …). A unique quality content is not enough. There are too many people on the internet who create content to make a difference with quality content 100% unique, well written, flawless …

Example, you have a site with 50,000 parts of motorcycles and you want to create a unique description for each room with 2 paragraphs telling you that you have a good quality unique content to get listed on Google. Well, no, you have precisely the kind of content that is penalized by Google Panda who said “this is another site that has produced content to improve its rankings , but not interested in the Internet “! Unlike content that will interest and engage users . Explanation : If the descriptions are informative , funny , tell the story of a room have beautiful photos, so that even someone who is not interested in spare parts for motorcycles says ” I send it to my friend Ted makes the bike , it will interest ” , so imagine how bikers will share pages between them? And then there’s , Bingo , the buzz and your brand grows exponentially with the bonus of not risk being penalized by Google Panda click depot san antonio

So as you can see from Google Panda, optimizing a site becomes more than the inclusion of keywords in the text, URLs , the meta data, etc. … And , personally , I think it ‘ is a good thing because it forces us to challenge ourselves to create content that is not only qualitative , but is more engaging . This goes to

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For real- time serves profiles

seo firmThe main function that lets you see real-time data in the profile itself , facilitating the work in SEO Firms work . It also means that consumers who access a profile partners can view these reports in real time.

Another option offered is that , you can move between the profiles and selected to have a wide knowledge of the different data and to maintain or rethink our SEO strategy .

There is a small detail that users have to check : if the report figures are lower than usual , the customer will have to check the filters . This means that if the data contrast our results we see that we get less than that established undoubtedly need to review and improve the options for optimum SEO .

The support profiles for nothing is to any web page , because in turn supports other different applications. So that means you can see the traffic reports via mobile devices. Another advantage to our SEO work .

The real- time feature is both an excellent tool to monitor for viral information . Web positioning service and maintenance requires certain , and real-time information makes this easy .

Social networks are another popular source of viral traffic . It is for this reason that Google wanted to incorporate a section of social traffic sources with real- time characteristics , routing their modifications to provide an analysis and , therefore, more effective web positioning . This new feature will allow the user to use for social media reports , providing and improving traffic segmentation that which is necessary for desired positioning of your web site .

No doubt, a news and updates can improve user performance and SEO to give you all the information on your page.

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